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Nuclear stress test is performed to detect the blockage  of the arteries of the heart. Those so called coronary arteries provide oxygen and nutrients to the heart muscle. Incomplete blockage causes chest pains and complete blockage causes heart attack.

During the test a small amount of isotope is injected intravenously at rest and than either during exercise on the treadmill or for patients who  can not exercise - during pharmacological stress. 

Pharmacological stress test is performed when patient can not or is not willing to exercise. Following injection of isotope, a set of heart images is obtained to assess the blood flow in the heart muscle. 

The picture below shows normal flow in the heart muscle at rest and  poor flow  in the upper - anterior wall  after exercise. It is called inducible  anterior wall ischemia which signifies presence of severe blockage in the main branch of coronary artery. 

Based on the results of the this test, we can make the a diagnosis, establish the extend and severity of the problem and select the most appropriate treatment: therapy with medications, placement of the stent or bypass surgery.

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