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145 Nassau Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11222
Tel: 718-389-6575, fax: 718-389-4977

Mon 11-4, Tue 11-6, Wed 9-4, Thu 11-7, Fri 11-5
Sat and Sun - Closed

Full non-invasive diagnostics of heart diseases in the office:

  • Echocardiography, ECG
  • Nuclear stress tests (Sestamibi Stress Test)
  • Carotid Doppler, Arterial Doppler, Venous Doppler
  • Holter monitoring, Event monitoring

The doctor cooperates with the hospital: the New York Presbyterian Methodist Hospital of Brooklyn
Cardiological consultations. Diagnosis and treatment of obstructed coronary vessels, care after heart attack and operations, stents. Heart valve defects. Diagnosis and treatment of heart pain, dyspnea, palpitations - arrhythmias. Evaluation of the condition of the heart before surgery. Treatment of hypertension and elevated cholesterol.

What our Patients say:

Great personality, took his time to answer all my questions and explained every detail of the test. Friendly Staff. Very pleasant office design creating very unique work space.

Dr. Stawiarski is very knowledgeable and a caring doctor. He takes time with his patient and explains everything in details. Receptionist, Ania is very polite and friendly. Always receive superb assistance and service. Highly recommend this doctor to friends and family.

Great doctor, polite and pleasant. Took the time to answer all my questions and explain everything. I will register as my primary care doctor.

He was very nice and professional. He was very prompt and I did not feel rushed... And his office is to die for. Lol. As someone who has had plenty of awful doctor experiences, I can honestly say that I have found my match. Dr. Stawiarski was attentive, answered all of my questions, provided a correct diagnosis and made me feel incredibly comfortable. The atmosphere of the office is welcoming and beautifully decorated, and my entire experience was stress-free. I will absolutely be coming back.

Doctor Stawiarski is so far the most caring and professional doctor I have ever seen. He did explain my condition and prognosis in depth. His office is so well equipped that I was able to have all tests in one place - no need to travel to diagnostic centers!

I am extremely grateful to Dr. Stawiarski. I have been suffering with illness other doctors could not diagnose and obviously treat properly. Dr. Stawiarski was very kind and professional. After he took detailed history, physical examination and reviewing my prior records he could accurately diagnose my health problem and provide appropriate treatment. I feel like new person now. The office has unusual, very elegant ambiance. Staff was very nice and helpful. I felt appreciated.